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在分布全岛的诊所里,我们注册医师与针灸师致力于以专业的技术提供最佳的医疗保健,为您保全健康。 我们所有的中医师与针灸师都是由我们内部的医疗委员会精心挑选而出,并皆已获得为卫生部法定监管机构中医管理委员. 会承认的行医资格。

(M) 精通华语
(Ec) 通晓英语
(E) 精通英语
(Bi) 通晓印尼语


PAssion Silver Card

PAssion Silver Card / PAssion Silver Concession Card Privileges
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Basic TCM Concepts

Having trouble getting a good night's rest? Read on to find out more on the TCM perspective and its remedies!
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Common Ailments for Children 2 to 10 - Senior physician Qi Xiao Yan (Ep.15)

We want our children to go out into the world to explore but at the same time, we worry about overexposing them and putting their little bodies at risk.
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