TCM For Confinement

According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), labour and birth take a toll on a woman’s energy reserves (“qi” and blood). Based on these principles, new mums are immunologically and physically weaker, and are therefore more prone to invasion by wind, cold, dampness (a mixture of climatic factors regarded as pathogens).

As a new mother, it is recommended to restore your general health during your confinement period (also known as the “lying-in” period). As TCM emphasises on prevention of illness, the practice of confinement aims to improve and aid the mother’s recovery, and minimise the occurrence of post-natal conditions in the future.

Having adequate rest and nourishment during the confinement period is crucial for new mothers to strengthen and restore balance in the body so they are able to resume daily activities faster and bond with their child.

To help new mothers restore their health, an individualised approach and syndrome differentiation principle of TCM is applied to postnatal care. TCM can assist with immediate recovery after childbirth for:

  • persistent bleeding or prolong lochia
  • night sweats
  • depression
  • pain management
  • insomnia
  • fatigue
  • general recovery
  • difficulties with feeding
  • lactation issues
  • blockages and mastitis

Supplementing postnatal nourishment with herbs and traditional medicines is ideally prescriptive and personalised, as every individual differs in body constitution and physique, and the delivery process varies from person to person. While basic nourishment can be achieved through confinement recipes, for any post-natal complications or specific concerns, it is recommended to consult with a TCM physician for prescriptive herbs or treatment.

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