Domiciliary Care

Domiciliary Care aims to make it possible for people to remain in the comfort of their homes and close to their loved ones, while having their medical and healthcare needs taken care of. Patients can access TCM clinical services such as consultation, treatments and prescribed medication without the need to leave their homes. It provides patient convenience and helps to preserve patients’ dignity and respect.

Our experienced TCM physicians will visit patients at their homes to conduct the consultation using traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic methods. These include observing, listening and smelling, inquiring as well as pulsing. This is followed by prescription of the treatment which is tailored to the patient's condition, stage of ailment and body constitution. Various treatment modalities can be prescribed singly or in combination, such as herbal medication, acupuncture and Tui Na. Which domiciliary care package is suitable for the patient? Patient will be assessed by physician to determine his/her medical needs. Physician will then recommend a suitable package accordingly; else only single home visit charge applies.

For example:

  • Intensive package – Suitable for stroke patients within 2 weeks after the onset of condition*.
  • Maintenance package – Suitable for palliative care to relieve pain and improve quality of life*.

*Physician will diagnose and advise necessary treatment and if a domiciliary care package will be helpful after the first home-visit consultation. The speed of recovery/improvement is also dependent on the patient's response to the rendered treatment.

To enquire on Domiciliary Care services, please click here or call 1800 225 1887.


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