Over-the-counter Formulas

Specially formulated herbal powders to give your body a boost delivered right to your doorstep!

Recuperation Bundle

The Recuperation Bundle consists of the Home Recovery Formula and the Heat Dispelling Formula to combat acute respiratory infection (ARI) symptoms and further aid your recovery after these symptoms are cleared. Get yours at a special price of $98 nett. Find out more >

Immunity Plus

Strengthen your body’s resistance, dispel heat, and detox with our Immunity+ Herbal Powder to increase your body’s defensive mechanism at just $38 nett. Find out more >


Post-Covid Conditioning bundle

Many people experience a range of post-covid symptoms, which can be debilitating and distressing. TCM can help!
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Covid-19 in TCM’s Point of View

Over the past thousands of years of Chinese history, TCM has battled...
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Digital TV

Kidney Stones and Proteinuria - Senior physician He Qiu Ling (Ep.16)

Kidneys are one of the most vital organs in our body...
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