Eu Yan Sang – Nanyang Technological University Scholarships For Double Degree Programme In Biomedical Sciences And Chinese Medicine

Eu Yan Sang International Limited (Eu Yan Sang) is a progressive, global healthcare company with its core focus in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Today, Eu Yan Sang is a household name in Asia with an unrivalled reputation as the leader in the TCM industry.

Eu Yan Sang has an extensive distribution network comprising more than 130 Eu Yan Sang branded retail outlets in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. Currently, Eu Yan Sang operates a chain of more than 20 clinics in Singapore and Malaysia including two Premier TCM Centres in Singapore.

In order to nurture future talent in the field of Chinese Medicine, Eu Yan Sang Group has established the yearly scholarships for eligible undergraduates who are currently studying for the Double Degree Programme in B.Sc (Hons) Biological Sciences at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and B.Med. (Chinese Medicine) at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM), People's Republic of China. The scholarships will provide financial assistance to enable selected candidates to pursue and complete the double degree course in Beijing, China.

Upon obtaining their registration licences, scholars will join Eu Yan Sang as resident physician and participate in the Eu Yan Sang Residency Programme. This structured programme is specially designed for resident physicians with the aim of enriching their clinical experience under the proctorship of Eu Yan Sang's senior physicians. Resident Physician will undergo various phases of progressive learning consisting of observation of real patient-physician interactions, exposure to various medical conditions as well as constant assessment and feedback with senior physicians. This prepares the resident physician adequately so that they may progress to physicians and practice independently while upholding the Eu Yan Sang clinical standards with patient quality and safety in mind.

Quotes from Eu Yan Sang physicians who had participated in the Eu Yan Sang Residency Programme.

Resident Physician Pee Yun Ting, Anita (Scholar; Residency In Year 2015) :

The residency programme has allowed me to learn from top physicians and gain knowledge that would no doubt serve me well in my practice. Rotations between physicians with different areas of specialty provided sufficient exposure to the various fields in TCM. In addition, my mentoring physicians were very willing to teach and share their experiences. Ample opportunities given by my mentors enabled me to test my skills under close supervision. Looking back, this programme has also equipped me with the necessary skills and confidence for independent practice. Moreover, having been tasked to give TCM talks to a variety of audiences throughout the course of residency, my public speaking has vastly improved. I am grateful for the chance to go through the residency programme and it is my strong belief that the programme will be highly beneficial for future aspiring TCM physicians.

Resident Physician Ong Wei Jun, Jeffrey (Scholar; Residency In Year 2015) :

I would like to thank EYS for providing me a great opportunity to follow and learn from the respectable senior physicians. Under their caring supervision, I had the chance to master the art of communication with patients and hone my clinical skills at the same time. This one-year-long program built me the confidence and experience to handle patients on my own. Special thanks to my Supervisory Physician and my Mentoring Physicians for helping me improve in terms of personal development and clinical knowledge during my rotation at their clinics.

Resident Physician Neo Min Jun (Scholar; Residency In Year 2014) :

The programme was very helpful in preparing me to be a physician. As I get to see a wide array of diseases, patient prototypes and the treatment results. It allowed me to be better prepared in handling questions from the patients and their doubts. Better equipped me with more tools, medical knowledge and general knowledge.

In general, I think the residency programme is necessary and I appreciated the company and teachers' efforts to help guide me through the year. The 1 year experience with different teachers gave me knowledge and techniques which textbooks couldn't convey. Do continue with this programme, it's very beneficial.

Resident Physician Zhang Ruifen (Scholar; Residency In Year 2011) :

The Eu Yan Sang TCM Scholarship was launched in 2008 to support and nurture talents in the TCM industry, and I am both honoured and elated to have been amongst its first recipients. With over a hundred years of history, Eu Yan Sang has established itself as a household brand and a forerunner in the TCM field in Singapore. Thus, for me, the opportunity to hone my TCM skills in this organization was something I had always desired.

The 18-month Resident Physician Programme designed for us upon inculcation into the company serves as a great learning platform, bridging our theoretical knowledge of TCM and the real issues faced in clinical practice. In this programme, I have the chance to observe and learn from several reputable senior physicians in the TCM industry, as well as to acquaint myself to the workings of the company. I believe that after these 18 months of experiential learning, I will be equipped with the necessary expertise to establish myself as a worthy TCM physician.

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