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Herbal medication: Frequently Asked Questions


Our Traditional Chinese Medicine prescription is customised according to the individual's body constitution and conditions which may change over time.

Simply pour a sachet of the prescribed herbal powder into a one-third glass of boiled warm water, stir until well dissolved, and consume the herbal mixture. For optimal effect, it is recommended to complete the entire course of the prescription according to the dosage and administration instructions.

It is best to consume your prescribed herbal medication according to our physician’s specific instructions. The general rule of thumb is to consume herbal medication 30 minutes before or after meals. Our physicians may also advise you on personalised dietary restrictions, such as avoiding foods that are too spicy, greasy, or excessively ‘cooling’ or ‘heaty’ in nature. 

Additionally, limiting the consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and heavily processed foods is recommended to optimise the body's absorption and utilisation of the active compounds in the herbs.

To ensure optimal absorption and avoid potential interactions, please observe a 2-hour duration between consuming the herbal medication and other medication or supplements.

Consult with our TCM physicians if you are still unsure.

The herbal medicine sachets should be kept dry. Ideally, store them in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

As your condition may have changed, please consult our physicians before resuming any medication. 

Our TCM physicians will reassess your health status and advise whether it's appropriate to restart the medication and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan.

Herbal medicine is generally safe and effective for children with dosage and formulation adjusted based on age, weight, and specific health needs. 

Parents should inform our TCM physicians of any known allergies and medical history as well as supervise the administration and monitor your child's response to the herbal treatment.

It is important to inform our TCM physician of any known allergies or medical conditions before starting any herbal medicine regimen.

Individuals may experience allergic reactions to certain herbs or ingredients, including symptoms such as skin rashes or swelling. In some cases, other side effects such as gastrointestinal upset may occur.

If you notice any reactions, do contact our clinic immediately.

The primary ingredients in our herbal powders come from plants, it is essential to note that some formulations may include animal-derived substances such as animal bones or shells.

Do inform our TCM physician if you follow a specific dietary regimen, such as a vegan or vegetarian diet. 

For our Muslim patients - although our powders are not halal certified, our physicians can prescribe a formula containing only plant-based herbs instead.

No, different herbs are suitable for different body conditions. Each prescription is tailored to individual needs by our TCM physicians, thus we do not advocate the sharing of prescriptions. 

As a repeat patient, you may be familiar with your prescribed regimen. While you have the option to purchase without a consultation, we strongly recommend periodic consultation to ensure the continued effectiveness and appropriateness of the herbal treatment.

Click here to request a repeat prescription. Please note that a dispensing fee applies.

Chinese herbs come from natural sources of plants, animals, and minerals. Due to factors like the place of origin, environment, climate, harvest season, and/ or processing methods, the colour, smell, and taste of herbs from different batches may differ slightly.

Our herbs are manufactured under stringent controls and harness the use of technology and high-precision instruments. Rigorous monitoring, testing, and checks ensure that they are effective, homogeneous, and safe for your consumption.

Traditional herb prescriptions using raw herbs require time and effort to prepare like boiling it down to a desired volume.

Many of the Herbal powders used in our clinics are in herbal extract forms, concentrated from raw herbs. Being concentrated, less volume needs to be consumed to derive the intended effectiveness. It is also conveniently and hygienically packed in single-serving sachets. 

Our herbal powders are also approved by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA).